Initial situation

The logistics center Hof is one of the most attractive logistics locations in Germany. Due to the eastward expansion of the EU, the city of Hof has moved from a former border into the center of Europe. In addition, the region is strategically located between the Adriatic Sea and the Ligurian Sea as well as the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In order to meet the region's future challenges, the city of Hof expanded the Freight Transport Center (GVZ).

Challenge & Project goal

In order to counter the large container growth of the future, a step-by-step expansion of the GVZ is planned in addition to the already existing KV terminal (combined transport) at the former goods rail depot in Hof. In a total of three stages, the container terminal is enlarged and a container depot and a logistics park are added.


At the beginning of the project, the general feasibility was examined and a risk assessment was carried out. For this purpose, the logistic influencing variables are defined and adapted to the relevant location conditions. The concept development included the definition of the scope of investment including construction cost planning, the development of the business segments with the recommendation of a corporate legal structure as well as a precise calculation of the economic performance. The overall coordination of the various development stages with the logistical partners as well as the political level was carried out as well as the city of Hof as owner in the search for an operator.

Project duration

2007 - 2009

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