Create accessibility in your community with system – time - authority

Start with a guide about accessibility, with a survey of all your tasks across the topic accessibility.
We attend you with a system over a step concept towards accessibility.
Time and speed are decided by you.

Your advantage for the whole community – region, not only for people with handicap, families with children or the demographic change.  The communal economy and the tourism can bring a great profit of an accessible infrastructure in your community to success.


“Generations in regions” offer you the possibility to seize these odds and put accessibility with manageable investment in your environment into practice. Our offer is particularly for:

  • Communes, towns and rural districts
  • Tourism agents
  • Hotel & Restaurant industry

The Concept of “Generations in regions” is based on three stages, which make a contribution to put accessibility into practice step by step. Every single step is specially tailored to your individual needs and guarantees an efficient implementation.

An example for a reference project (city of Bad Tölz) can be found here.

Step 1: Survey of accessibility

 “Generations is regions” is suitable for inexperienced and experts in the topic accessibility. In order to be able to ensure that even inexperienced people have access to basic information, such as accessibility requirements, we offer you an overview of the main topics and questions which are helpful for the further approach within the framework of the concept. A guide about accessibility.

After a first analysis phase the inventory (status quo) follows, regarding accessible offers and their enquires in their environment. This will be either realized by us or by yourself by dint of our applied questionnaires and check lists.

Based on the carried out inventory, a vision with development on selected fields of will be derived. In conjunction with the objective, which is defined in advance, we work together with the responsible persons on the spot to develop the main topics.

Step 2: Support on the road to accessibility

After defining the fields of action that are of particular interest in the realization of accessibility in Step 1, some concrete implementation measures will be developed inside of the focus topics.

By dint of checklists and guides, we work together with you to develop measures and concepts for a barrier-free environment, which are specially adapted to your individual needs.

Step 3: Accompanying support for (re) construction measures

Because of the successful realization of the measures and concepts, developed in step 2, a concrete conversion need may arise. Naturally, we also offer you support here. No matter whether you need help with the planning or an accompanying consultation in the execution phase of construction measures, we are your contact person along the entire chain from the planning to the implementation to the aftercare.
In this process you benefit from our decades of practical experience.

Your benefits as a commune, town and rural district

A barrier-free and generation-friendly town development affects all citizens sooner or later.
By a accessible design, you offer citizens with limitations a higher life quality in their daily grind and give them a piece of normality back.

Your benefits as a tourism agent

The creation of accessible tourism services entails an enormous economic potential, as mobility-impaired guests and the older people is an increasing target group. Their travel intensity can be increased by barrier-free offers. This can be a reason for an increase of the request, even off the main season.

Your benefits as a hotel business and accommodation company

With a barrier-free design of your house, it is possible to address new customer groups, you weren’t able to accommodate so far. By building adaptations with a consequent accessibility for all customer groups, you can be silhouetted against your competitors and increase the satisfaction of your existing and newly won customers.

Specification of services

In addition to the services presented above, we also offer you further products which can be used to facilitate the step towards a barrier-free environment. These can be ordered individually.

Some examples are:

  • Marketing support:

A good public relation is essential, especially in sectors with a strong competition. A targeted communication strategy is required in order to reach the desired customer groups to be able to stand out from the market. Because of our great experience we know what is important and support you in the creation of texts for your website or the display of information deficits.

  •  Education to an advisor

More and more citizens get in the situation that they have to adapt their habitual living environment to their changed living conditions. Especially for communes, the establishment of a free counseling center has been established to create an increased awareness of accessibility. This is the starting point for residents which want to learn more about the subject and to create accessibility at home or in your company. We enable you to expand your competence and train selected employees to become "accessibility consultants" in order to achieve and secure accessibility in the long term.

  •  Trainings

From experience, we know that in individuals who have rarely been in contact with people with limitations, there is some uncertainty about how to deal with them properly. An increasing number of older or disabled people are and will be able to participate in public life, it is necessary to sensitize their employees to dealing with these groups of people. We will gladly take over this task for you and train the optimal handling in order to reduce inhibitions.

Use "generations in regions" and become with us as partner barrier-free and future-oriented!

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